February 5, 2017

Stoptrans - For how long have you been a truck driver and what job you had before?
Maiger - I have been a long-distance truck driver for 2 years and 6 months. I used to work as car mechanic before.

ST - And for how long you been working for Stoptrans?
MG - The same because I started this job at Stoptrans.

ST - How's your typical day at work?
MG - I think it's pretty normal. I always try to have fun and smile to relieve the pressure and to reduce stress.

ST - What is your favorite part in the truck driver job?
MG - It is the fact that I'm always on the move and not in the same place. This allows me to travel a lot and meet other places and cultures.

ST - And the most challenging?
MG - To be profitable for the company and to fulfill in the best possible way my personal and professional goals.

ST - You were elected "Driver of the Month" in January. What do you think of company's initiative?
MG - I think it is one of the most innovative ideas in this trucking sector. Because every professional likes to be recognized at work, regardless the job. I think that the company's safe and eco driving policies, helps and encourages the drivers to improve daily. And the extra money that we receive for reaching the driving objectives are even better. Nowadays it's not only about having the technology, because we have to know how to use it and be more competitive with it.

ST - Does this profession fit your expectations? And why?
MG - I think this job needs to fully meet your expectations. Because you will not endure only about the money! You need to be prepared to be away from everything, specially from your family for some time.

ST - What was the most memorable experience you've had on the road since you worked at ST?
MG - Well, for me all the road experiences are striking, but especially the accidents that we see. It always makes me think that can happen to any of us.

ST - In your opinion what are the necessary requirements to be a truck driver in ST?
MG - Well, in addition to the basic company requirements, people will need open mind to face new working policies and challenges. And never ever apply to this job only for the money!

ST - And what recommendations would you give to those who are thinking of coming to this job?
MG - One must think very carefully if this is what he really wants, because every single trip may be the last, but also realize if he has the stamina and the ability to do the job. Also important is the capacity to adjust to food and sleep instabilities because you never have fixed times for the usual habits. In this job we often work at night to rest during the day and vice-versa. If you meet these conditions, you are more then welcome to a profession of adventure and freedom.

ST - Thank you very much for this interview. Happy Trucking!
MG - Thank you.